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Our solution to flower supply and demand:



Florists rely heavily on the ability of our farmers to produce the crops of flowers and plants we all come to expect all year long.

However, due to stricter safety regulations and an overall larger demand for flowers, our farmers are having to work extra hard to keep up with supply and demand.


So what does this mean for our designers and customers?



It means certain varieties of flowers, (i.e. peonies, roses, and lilies) will be more challenging to get on order. But not to worry! We, at Petal to the Metal Flowers, are not only resourceful but we have come up with a solution.

We’re now designing with “color palettes” in mind.  

Instead of selecting specific flowers for bouquets, we will be selecting COLORS of assorted flowers (i.e. lavender, purple, yellow, orange, etc.). Complimentary colors will still be incorporated, so don’t worry, you will still have the vibrant and beautiful colors you are used to seeing from us.


We truly believe that making this small change to ordering will keep our customers happy and our shop successful for the remainder of the year.



 So what’s your color palette?