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 Why Designer's Choice? 


We are living in unprecedented times. Everyone and everything has been directly or indirectly affected by COVID, even flowers and plants.

Daily purchasing has moved online and flowers are no exception. Flower demands have grown, as people are sending more bouquets to family members to keep-in-touch.

During this time, when growers are trying to keep up with supply and demand, it has become necessary for florists to be more flexible with flower types and colors in order to stay viable.

We, at PTM Flowers, will always offer our best sellers and will continue to create new designs as we grow and progress but we’re encouraging our customers to request “Designer’s Choice” bouquets whenever possible. Designer’s Choice simply gives us the freedom to be able utilize the best assortment of flowers to create a beautiful bouquet for you.

So maybe next time you order, call in and ask for “Designer’s Choice”.
We promise you won’t be disappointed!  


Thank you for your continued support of PTM Flowers and we look forward to a great year!