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Sea My Beaver Designs

Introducing our unique product - Locally Harvested Beaver Chewed Branches. Discover the untamed beauty of nature with our handpicked branches off the beach, meticulously crafted by Beavers. These branches are perfect for floral designing, allowing us to create stunning arrangements and unique one-of-a-kind designs.

Our all-natural Beaver Chewed Branches are the perfect addition to all your nature-inspired designs. These unique branches offer a touch of rustic charm and coastal vibe and bring a natural, organic element to any design. Handcrafted by Beavers, the branches are carefully selected for their unique designs and their distinctive texture and earthy tones, they effortlessly enhance the beauty and elegance of any floral or plant designs we create. Add a touch of nature and the Oregon Coast to your creation with our Beaver Chewed branches and elevate your floral and plant design arrangement.